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3 Effective Types of Security Alert Systems

Most alarm systems are designed to alert the user or security personnel of potential threats. Specialized mechanisms detect unusual activity and sound the alert. But not every system works in every circumstance, which is why specialized kinds of alarm systems exist.

Here are three common types of alarm systems to be aware of:

Motion Detection

Motion detection alarm systems are designed to detect movement within the monitored area. They have specialized sensors that detect changes in temperature, light, or movement.

This technology is designed to detect the presence of an intruder in an area that should be vacant. Some motion detection systems are coupled to a CCTV system, allowing for visual verification of the threat. When motion is detected inside or outside a home, business, or other building, it triggers additional technology, such as security cameras or lights, and can send an alert to notify security personnel.

Smoke/Fire Detection

Fire and smoke detectors are designed to detect smoke or high temperatures in a given area. Sensors are usually connected to a control panel or monitoring system, allowing for immediate notification of the user, anyone present in the area or security personnel. They can also be set up to notify a local fire department if needed.

Some fire detection alarms are even integrated with sprinkler systems, allowing for the automatic activation of water-based safety systems in the event of a fire. But even without a sprinkler system, smoke and fire detection systems can sound the alert before it becomes an emergency.

Glass Break Detection

Many security systems are equipped to detect the sound of shattering glass. Special microphones integrated into the system are always listening. When applicable soundwaves are detected, an alert is triggered, notifying the user or security personnel of a potential threat. This type of alert is useful for businesses, as it can detect forced entry attempts. It is also helpful for residential homes, as it can alert the user of a possible intruder.

But it is important to note that loud noises, such as thunder or fireworks, can sometimes trigger false alarms. This is why it is important to have a system that can distinguish between genuine threats and false alarms. 

By understanding the different types of alarms available, you can create a safer environment for your clients and those around them. Make sure you stay up to date regarding the latest security technologies so that you can make informed decisions about how best to integrate these systems to create a well-rounded security solution. If you need advice on creating such a solution, contact a company that is equipped to advise you on your options, such as a Honeywell alarm system supplier, near you.