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3 Reasons Your Water Heater Is Not Providing Hot Water

Hot showers are a necessity in many homes as they have numerous health benefits, such as moisturizing your skin, lowering your sugar levels, and making falling asleep easier. Like any other electric appliance, your water heater can have issues, which may be curtailing hot water production. This piece analyzes these issues and explains why you need professional water heater repair services.

Reasons Why Your Water Heater Is Malfunctioning

The following are issues that may cause your water heater to break down and fail to produce hot water.

1. Broken Thermostat

If your water heater is not providing hot water or the water is too hot, the first place to check is the thermostat. It is located under the access tunnel in front of the water heater, ensuring the tank's water is always hot. It sets the water temperature levels to a specific temperature and switches the electricity supply on and off depending on whether the water has reached the set temperature. For instance, if you set the temperature at a specific level, the thermostat switches the electricity off when the temperature is attained and switches it back on when the water temperature falls below the set levels. When the thermostat bursts, the water heater cannot regulate the water temperature. Therefore, call a professional to check your thermostat. 

2. Leaks 

Another reason your water heater may not be working is a leak in the water tank. A leak means that the tank cannot hold enough water and thus cannot provide sufficient energy to power the water heating system. If your water tank is not storing enough water, you should call a professional plumber to check and repair the valves in the water tanks. Gas leaks could also be why your water heater is not working. It happens when the gas valves in a water heater break. Gas leaks are dangerous and can cause a fire outbreak. Only a professional should do repairs involving gas leakages.

3. Rust

Your water heater may not provide hot water because of the accumulation of rust and sediment in the burner. Rust develops mostly when you use mineral water in your water heating systems. It prevents heat from the burner from effectively reaching the water, thereby causing insufficient heating and lower water temperatures. You need professional water heating repair services to install a water softening system and professional draining services to help eliminate the rust and the additional effects of mineral water in your water heater.

Seek Water Heater Repair Services Today

Ensure your water heater works correctly for your comfort and your family members. If your water heater is functioning erratically, seek professional repair services rather than trying to fix it. Professionals have the necessary diagnostic tools like multimeters to test for electric problems and plumbing tools to check the water lines. Additionally, they are immensely knowledgeable and can advise on water heater maintenance practices to ensure it stays in excellent condition after the repair.