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Important Advice For Polishing Army Rank Pins

If you've had an Army rank insignia pin for quite a while, it may start losing its shine. That doesn't mean you have to scrap it and find another completely. You'll just want to follow this polishing guide to see optimal results.

Give the Pin a Good Clean First

In order for your polishing agents to work effectively at giving your Army rank pin a better shine, the pin first has to be cleaned. As long as you're thorough and use the right cleaning products, you won't struggle to remove dirt and other debris.

What you need to do is get a mild detergent that won't take off the protective coating that's on your Army rank pin. Then apply it with a soft rag and work it around all sides. That will help you clean in a thorough, yet gentle way. 

Use Jewelry Polishing Agents

The main factor that will determine how successful you are at restoring your Army rank pin's sheen is the polishing agent you use. So that you have optimal results each time, look for jewelry polishing agents in particular. There's a reason why jewelers use them in their practice and that's because they're very effective at restoring a material's sheen.

Just make sure you go with jeweler polishing agents that are meant to be applied to the material that your pin is made up of. Then you won't cause damage or leave behind a far worse-looking pin at the end of this polishing process.

Repeat Steps at the Right Intervals

The aforementioned steps should help you restore your Army rank pin's sheen, but in order to keep these results, you'll have to repeat the same steps at certain intervals. Finding out when these intervals are isn't that hard. 

Just make sure you monitor your Army rank pin consistently after completing these cleaning and polishing steps. At what point does the sheen start to fade? You can write the number of days this happens after polishing. That's going to help you come up with the perfect polishing schedule that helps your Army rank pin look its best, whether it's in a case or on your military uniform.

Army rank pins will naturally lose their luster, but you can effectively address this problem through polishing. You just need to study your pin's exact makeup to come up with the right polishing routines that truly do work and safeguard your pin from damage.