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Do you remember the last time you stopped to help a customer? Although it can be difficult to find time as a business owner, doing what you can to improve your customer's experience can make a tremendous impact on your overall store. I started thinking about how impactful a few comments could be a few years ago, after I complained and the business changed their policies. I wanted to create an environment online that was all about helping my fellow customers to enjoy a better life. Check out this blog for more information that could help you. After all, you never know when you will need a few tips!

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Water Treatment Methods Businesses Should Consider

If you have a business that requires pure water for its operations, be it for drinking or irrigation, then you'll need to choose a water treatment method. Many options are available today, but these in particular are pretty straightforward and produce effective results.


In terms of adding solutions to water to make it pure, a tried and true method is coagulation. This is where aluminum salts and iron are placed in water. After the solution has mixed around for a set period of time, contaminants like dirt will start sticking together. That's key because it makes these clumps easier to remove through filtering. As long as the right aluminium salts are used and the right quantity is applied to the water, coagulation should prove to be a very effective method for alleviating contaminants found in water that's being used by your company.


A water treatment method that has been around for ages is filtration. It doesn't require a lot of advanced equipment or technologies. All that's required is some gravel and sand. Water that flows through a mixture of gravel and sand can have its impurities removed in a natural, yet effective manner. You can decide to use filtration alone to purify your water or in conjunction with another method, such as coagulation. There are many ways to make filtration an even more effective water treatment method too, including the use of crushed anthracite. Just be aware that for filtration to be effective on a consistent basis, backwashing needs to take place. 

pH Correction

Even when you filter water, it can sometimes have incorrect pH levels. That's not always ideal because in some cases, the imbalanced pH of water can lead to corrosion. You don't want this happening when water is sent through expensive systems around your work site. The best way to deal with imbalanced pH levels in water is to rely on pH correction. This water treatment method is highly effective and involves lime to get your pH levels back to a normal range. As long as this pH correction is done by a competent professional, you'll get great results each time. 

Any time your work site requires pure water, take it upon yourself to actively look for effective water treatment methods. One may do the trick or a combination of several may prove best. Just look at your budget and particular water impurities to see which treatments are worthwhile. Some companies, like Olympic Springs Bottled Water, know how important this is.