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Three Reasons Your Home Needs A Walk-In Bathtub

If it is time to give your bathroom a face lift, consider replacing your regular bathtub with a wide, walk in tub. Here are just a few reasons that your home needs a walk-in tub:

1. A Walk-In Tub is Safer Than Conventional Bath Tubs

A walk-in bath tub eliminates the need to scale your tub's walls in order to take a hot bath. Instead, just open the door, walk in, and sit down. The process of getting into the bathtub is much safer with a walk-in tub. Not only do you not have to contend with the walls of the tub, but you don't have to worry about slipping or sliding when you get in or out.

2. Walk-In Tubs Make It Easier to Bathe During Times of Disability

During your time in your home, it is possible that you may suffer an injury or need to recover from surgery. In some instances, your doctor may request that you take sponge baths until your incisions are healed. Sponge bathing is a cinch with a walk-in tub. The design of the tub keeps the majority of your body up and out of the tub so that you control what parts get wet.

If the disability or injury decreases your mobility, you can rest easy knowing that you can still bathe with ease. Having a seat built into the bathtub gives you the additional flexibility that is ideal when you are weak or unsteady. Helpful features, such as handrails and non-slip mats, help you retain a certain degree of independence as you recover from your injury or learn to live with your disability.

A walk-in tub also makes it more likely that you can stay in your own home as you get older.

3. You Can Customize the Tub to Your Needs

Walk-in bathtubs are not "one size fits all." You can customize the features of the tub so that it perfectly suits your needs. For example, if you like to lounge in a jetted tub, you can select a model that incorporates jets into the design.

Select the tub fixtures in materials that complement your sense of style. Choose a tub in a hue that coordinates with your bathroom's decor.

4. Walk-In Bathtubs are Durable

Another advantage of the walk-in bathtub is that the materials used to craft these tubs are durable and look like new for years after your initial purchase. Homeowners want to get the most for their investment. The material used for walk-in tubs is resistant to staining, won't chip, and retains a vibrant color.

Contact a company like Boca Walk-In Tubs for more information and assistance.