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Do you remember the last time you stopped to help a customer? Although it can be difficult to find time as a business owner, doing what you can to improve your customer's experience can make a tremendous impact on your overall store. I started thinking about how impactful a few comments could be a few years ago, after I complained and the business changed their policies. I wanted to create an environment online that was all about helping my fellow customers to enjoy a better life. Check out this blog for more information that could help you. After all, you never know when you will need a few tips!

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3 Ways Your Employees Can Benefit From An Office Water Cooler

As an employer, you probably always look for ways that you can improve the time that your employees spend in the office. One step that you can take that can be beneficial for your employees is to install an office water cooler and to have fresh drinking water delivered regularly for that water cooler. These are some of the benefits that your employees can enjoy if you take this step:

1. Decreased Calorie and Sugar Intake

First of all, right now, if you don't have a water cooler in your office, there might be a chance that your employees are drinking a lot of sodas and similar drinks from the office vending machines. This can lead to increased calorie and sugar intake for many people. By putting in a water cooler, you can help your employees mind their health and their waistlines, which can sometimes be tough for people to do when they work in an office and live a more sedentary lifestyle.

2. Money Saved

A lot of employees find that they spend a surprising amount of money on things like beverages for the workday. Your employees probably don't want to see a chunk of their paychecks going to this type of thing each week, but it's something that your employees might feel is unavoidable if there is no water cooler in the office. By putting in a water cooler and offering it as a courtesy for your employees, you can help ensure that they are able to drink plenty while they're at work without having to shell out too much cash.

3. Improved Hydration

When many people think about hydration issues for employees, they might think about people who work outside in the elements. However, proper hydration is important for everyone, including those who work in an office setting. By putting in a water cooler, you can encourage your employees to drink enough water. This can help them stay healthy and can help them avoid health complications that can go along with not drinking enough water during the day.

As you can see, the employees who work in your office could greatly benefit from a water cooler. Since this can be such a beneficial thing for the people who work for you and since having water delivered to your office should not be very costly, this is something that you may want to look into as an employer.

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